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This is just a scene from the trailer I wanted to gif
safe1680992 screencap219098 blueberry fritter8 cantaloupe (character)44 cornsilk31 dawn sunrays51 glitter glow41 linky1572 nougat praliné34 oasis waterfall16 riverwalk16 shoeshine1686 sweet strum14 toadstool blossom26 earth pony239301 pony943044 unicorn312725 my little pony: the movie18811 animated97332 background pony10167 background pony audience363 balloon10065 canterlot5576 clones650 female1340163 festival of friendship24 gif30254 letterboxing144 male364164 marching84 mare468433 not amethyst star10 singing6217 stallion105384 underhoof50832 unnamed character559 unnamed pony1827 waterfall1657 we got this together121


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Good thing we see all these ponies happy at the front of the movie, because they spent the majority of it as restrained and muzzled slaves.
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I feel like this is what a West Side Story-esque showdown would look like in Equestria…. Which group is The Jets?
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Goth Hippie Nerd Pony
@Shimmering Blaze
@The Frowning Pony
I already recognized this from an earlier public trailer of some sort, so you're fine, Bravery.
Source links of movie scenes would definitely be a good idea for everypony for awhile though.

BUT, you might want to remove mention of leak in your description please,
it's more noticeable than comments.

The Frowning Pony, do we have to concern ourselves with going back to tagging sources in uploads prior to the leak?