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Artist's Description

Some sketches of Lady from a few weeks ago.

1. When she had her first baby, it was a big hefty pegasus she named Seer. Sometime later on Seer passed away, but he still lurks around, bugging his Godmother Pandie as a wondering spirit.

2. Lady had the twins many years later. Both Daniel and Annie were small but healthy foals.

3. On her wedding day, Lady gave birth to Xhisrc’s daughter, Moonlily.
suggestive137254 artist:blackblood-queen1207 oc655793 oc only433090 oc:annie belle115 oc:daniel dasher334 oc:lady lovegreen255 oc:moonlily24 oc:seer cyclone2 dracony6323 hybrid17468 pony923759 anthro250262 anthro oc29129 anthro with ponies2515 baby10163 baby pony6389 big breasts77960 breasts265852 broken horn13554 cleavage33327 clothes442663 eyes closed88451 family4312 female1322559 floppy ears49960 glasses59345 leonine tail7983 male357598 mare458840 milf9161 monochrome146962 nudity356985 off shoulder1260 pillow17129 simple background377959 sketch60847 slit eyes4357 stallion102853 torn ear724


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