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A third version of this I apparently forgot to upload.

explicit472024 grimdark30796 grotesque14389 artist:fearingfun1446 princess luna117220 oc947888 oc:mercury shine589 fearcomesnaturally89 g42030021 all the way through1201 anus137576 balls109746 blood31445 canon x oc35164 corpse942 crying55497 cum105499 dead5336 death6147 decapitated2235 female1803670 fetish57140 futa61750 futa on female15586 futa princess luna3096 gore5598 guro831 high res407856 intersex64154 magic96686 mercury shine having another bad time119 necrophilia599 nudity512986 oral65373 penis213582 reverse blowjob161 reverse oral442 severed head1900 sex171736 spread wings94594 unshorn fetlocks46819 wingboner9653 wings223152


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Am I the only one who finds the “mercury shine having another bad time” tag to be rather funny?
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This one and the one where luna holds the body up and fucks it are REALLY not my thing… but somehow they’re still super sexy. I don’t understand it. I’m equally aroused and displeased by the imagery, and just as confused as ever. Still clopping to it though somehow.