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Where in my girlfriend and I love on each other and littlepip gets caugh in the mix because she doesn’t like her. This was more for her because I thought it would be cute, but also fulfills my crazy fantasies lol, but I want to know what others think!
suggestive130639 artist:chadrack4 derpibooru exclusive24765 oc615038 oc only411781 oc:bán pinna10 comic102201 drool22795 drool string5150 female1270673 fetish35918 french kiss1655 kissing22726 love4510 making out562 male337644 mare431414 maw794 mawplay85 mawshot1316 open mouth127064 pencil drawing7476 stallion95571 straight126020 tongue out92955 tongue play399 traditional art109986 uvula1728 vore13463 vore snowballing57


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