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"Once again I find myself cursed with a power no soul wishes to witness. How… comfortingly familiar."

Above, the dreams glittered like a field of stars; a cosmos of minds dreaming of all things in the cosmos. Still as beautiful as the night sky itself, despite the all-too-numerous red flashes signaling nightmares.
She so wanted to go and comfort them, but she knew there were too many to handle. Indeed, the only way she could possibly calm her subjects' dreams was by accomplishing the task at hand.
So tonight, they would have to wait.
She lowered her gaze, back to her immediate surroundings. At the lowest depths of the aetheral plane stood the black sea of death itself, stretching infinitely in all directions. Had she never found this one anomaly on its surface, she would have never thought smells, yet alone unbearable stench, could even exist in this realm.
The discolored, grayed yellow sphere met her eyes. A sweaty, slimy sack swimming silently on the surface, as a boil on a still sea of suppurations. She shuddered at the mere thought of touching it, and, to buy herself more time, looked up once more to bring her consciousness to the very edges of waking. Just enough to force her body to speak through her trance; "Pray for me, Sister Dearest, that I may return sane and same of mind."
Immediately, a warm pressure enveloped her leg. Through the barriers of reality itself she could feel Her clutching her hoof. Smiling, she returned her focus to the object before her.
She did not know what she would be looking for inside, but she knew she would know when she found it; the residual all-might would be unmistakable.
With a final breath of the clean aether, Princess Luna steeled herself.

And plunged into the rotting dream of a dead god.

Ten Legendary Weapons 8/10: The Drum of Silent Eternities
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