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Twilight: …this can't be good… D8

Rainbow Dash:What happened to us!? D8

Pinkie Pie: Hmm…you think it has something to do with that mysterious magical gem I found earlier today? _;
Twilight & Rainbow Dash: . . . >:I

Pinkie Pie: Look at the bright side, now we'll be together FOREVER! 8D
safe1653686 artist:mlpconjoinment38 pinkie pie211082 rainbow dash228025 twilight sparkle293543 alicorn214281 hydra pony36 body horror1354 bunnicula16 conjoined828 conjoined triplets22 fusion4967 hilarious in hindsight3092 it all started when i was born2 lol648 multiple heads1597 polyamory6580 simple background375812 three heads573 three-headed pony26 together forever176 transparent background194605 triple header9 twidashpie34 twilight sparkle (alicorn)120769 wat18883 we have become one581 what has magic done538 wtf2135


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