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suggestive148421 artist:scorpdk681 diamond tiara10404 human158965 absolute cleavage3649 adorasexy10134 bare shoulders2841 beautiful5781 beautisexy934 breast overpour192 breasts288754 busty diamond tiara431 cleavage35648 clothes476125 corset4448 costume28569 cute205729 cute little fangs2197 diamondbetes537 ear piercing27799 earring22170 evening gloves8646 eyelashes12322 fangs26694 female1402079 gloves20960 hat90373 hat tip67 humanized101924 jewelry68317 knee-high boots104 legs8830 lips1219 long gloves6168 long hair4454 looking at you175730 minidress170 miniskirt5046 moon24105 night27358 night sky1867 nightmare night4741 older27806 older diamond tiara802 one eye closed32517 open mouth154436 piercing43116 raised leg8080 scarf23856 schrödinger's pantsu411 seductive2361 seductive pose1750 sexy30697 short skirt394 shoulderless364 skirt41091 sky14971 smiling261028 smiling at you5207 solo1094468 solo female183687 staff3028 starry night717 stars16290 strapless1751 stupid sexy diamond tiara67 sultry pose1893 thighs15083 tiara4266 tongue out108286 underass2619 wall of tags3655 wink25658 winking at you1094 witch2401 witch hat3107


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Seriously, Scorpdk, I would love to see an image or two of Spike and Tiara like this—the young witch and her Warlock boyfriend/partner….

…just my opinion..
Background Pony #87B6
@Background Pony #F954
You mean: precisely the same face and figure as every character he draws.

I would sadly agree to this. The artist is very talented, but the faces his draw are often always the same and often time his humanized "ponies" are often VERY hard to identify outside of the tag system. I honestly wish he'd draw anthro ones more often as they look much better, but it is what it is.

What a difference a year makes….compare this year's Tiara witch image to last year's Tiara witch image…It's like she left school for the summer as a nerd and comes back as the homecoming queen.

Summer was definitely good to her….I bet her mother's secretly jealous…

I would love a 'Getting Spiked' image with Spike and Diamond Tiara, especially if her thing is pretending that she's a young witch that is looking to get her warlock (and she could be eyeing Spike as her Warlock)…

…just a thought.

Awesome that Scorp's doing witches again for October. I love the ones he protrayed…are there some that haven't been 'bewitched' yet or before??