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Ruwa is best waifu.
@Freeze Blase
Rick & Morty had two good seasons, the first ones. The last one was… Well… Not fun to watch. I actually felt like I watched it out of mere commitment to friends who watched it and to figure out why they enjoyed it rather than actually enjoying it myself.
The episode about the super hero team in particular was… Horrible. Extremely unpleasant and emotionally draining. All to drive the point that everyone is a jerk but only Rick is honest about being one. Not cool.
Freeze Blase

Rick & morty great
attack of titan cool

Background Pony #334A
Rick and Morty is good, but still overrated.
Nothing is as good as everyone says Rick and Morty is.

Ruwa is best waifu.
@Background Pony #D055
Well. She didn't try to almost kill herself. She intended to go all the way with it. True, she failed, but they made her kill herself to some extent, as in she did it with that intent. Good thing she didn't consider using a firearm or corrosive gas.
Background Pony #F25B
It is the unfortunate truth of all fandoms:

Cringe grows in proportion to the size of the fandom. The larger the fandom, the greater levels of cringe there are. R&M with its massive mainstream appeal has enough cringe in it to cause riots over a literal meme. I doubt most of them even know what that sauce even tastes like. It is a sad day when someone who watches a show you like jumps onto a mcdonalds counter screaming quotes from a show before sperging out on the floor.

Be happy the Brony fandom never grew that large. Who knows what could have happened lol.
Background Pony #F25B
I don't really base my opinion on the fandom majority. Frankly the R&M fandom has its own issues and are dealing with a lot of bloat due to its popularity right now, which brings in the cringy fanatics on and the people who wax poetic on how intellectual it is. I stand by what I said that it is the funniest and most internally consistant show I've watched in awhile, but the whole "you need to have this I.Q to ride this show" is bullshit incarnate.

Happy to say I was wrong about the pony movie though. Turned out to be a solid 7/10 for me instead of the garbage heap I was expecting. Good on ya Hasbro.
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quality over quantity
r&m has had consistently good episodes in my honest opinion while new seasons of mlp have had ups and downs
don't have an opinion on aot since i dropped that show halfway through lol