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Queen Chrysalis!

She needs a new legion of Changelings after the failed invasion :2!
suggestive145332 artist:pabbley2315 queen chrysalis35110 changeling48588 changeling queen16998 absurd resolution66492 bugbutt1577 clothes466560 cute202621 cutealis2165 dock50813 featureless crotch6978 female1379776 frog (hoof)13343 hoofbutt1340 looking at you171830 looking back58595 pillow18208 plot80415 prone25898 socks67362 solo1076940 solo female181350 speech3160 tail aside1434 thigh highs37167 this will end in snu snu490 torn socks43 underhoof52798


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Background Pony #ED5F
Patience, my queen. We must first build up a small stockpile of love before we can get to making new subjects.
Mister Cliff
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She's waiting for you to be her big spoon. All that pure love resulting from your hours-long cuddling session is going to spontaneously create a hell of a lot of changelings.
Neko Majin C
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Twilight's Westley
I would really love to help, my Queen, but there does not seem to be any… entrance through which I can begin the process.
Crazylis - Derpi Supporter
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PSA: R0 was changed!
Now now, there's no need to rush. Rushing would just lead to a lower amount of love overall.

That, and I can't stop staring at such a cute butt~