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credits to the anonymous artist who did the sketch
safe1723879 artist:duop-qoub517 artist:redcrow3259 oc695587 oc only454939 oc:filly anon2651 pony984284 blushing200484 both cutie marks10539 butt61788 female1378606 filly67949 floppy ears53073 plot80354 solo1076002 talking to viewer2796 the ass was fat13995 transformation10945 transgender transformation1705


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Background Pony #38F6
@BK Leonidas
Yeah, that probably is what he meant. But a trans girl (especially one who doesn't look particularly traditionally feminine) could be mistaken for a dude.
Background Pony #4D76
Cool, I’ve always wanted a dude who is actually not a dude to be my friend or mate ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Background Pony #DC92
you think you use to be a dude but this a lie! you are filly with dude mind and twilight try to cure you form lie mind be a dude!
Background Pony #2379
Silly oc, you can't actually change sexes. You can only put on a disguise.