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Licking things to claim them as your own

not shipping
Edit: Forgot a layer when I saved this
safe1597887 artist:wingbeatpony187 derpibooru exclusive24781 oc615208 oc only411869 oc:downvote511 oc:tags5 goo pony1779 original species22110 pony867339 unicorn278042 derpibooru6887 :t3607 aaaaaaaaaa266 comic102217 derpibooru ponified785 do not want586 eye contact6156 eyes closed82565 eyes on the prize5035 female1270978 floppy ears46992 frown21652 gradient background11054 grin33880 horrified556 licking18449 looking at each other17318 male337738 mare431563 messy mane7221 meta16142 not shipping87 onomatopoeia3451 open mouth127114 ponified38653 screaming3046 shadowed face7 shocked6066 smiling220612 sneaking292 stallion95612 starry eyes2902 surprised8309 tags529 tongue out92988 wide eyes16202 wingding eyes19654


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Tag horse
Tags take many forms (the color changes to suit the situation), so it makes sense that his OC should, too. Therefore, he is a goo pony. Appealing to Badumsquish is a bonus.