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My Little Pony Friendship is Magic: Season 7  
The Story So Far (18-19/26)
Yeah. All of you called it. It’s Rarity.
safe1898253 artist:dm291681 angel bunny10481 applejack183506 big macintosh30563 bow hothoof1198 bright mac1522 chipcutter127 daring do6746 daybreaker3276 dear darling228 discord33886 doctor fauna571 feather bangs595 flash magnus915 fluttershy231372 fond feather225 hoity toity1050 maud pie13584 mistmane851 nightmare moon18210 pear butter3285 pharynx1158 photo finish2804 pinkie pie232918 prince rutherford819 princess ember7550 princess flurry heart8325 rainbow dash253115 rarity197799 rockhoof1238 scootaloo54274 somnambula2175 spike85141 starlight glimmer53555 strawberry sunrise405 sugar belle3441 sweetie belle52101 swoon song233 thorax4897 trixie72879 twilight sparkle324474 whammy150 wild fire917 windy whistles2374 alicorn260516 changedling9748 changeling55475 dragon66759 earth pony329861 pegasus373334 pony1245832 unicorn410765 a flurry of emotions1320 a royal problem2273 all bottled up1544 campfire tales798 celestial advice1210 daring done?1007 discordant harmony829 fame and misfortune1158 fluttershy leans in471 forever filly590 hard to say anything864 honest apple776 it isn't the mane thing about you1254 not asking for trouble577 parental glideance1134 rock solid friendship1303 the perfect pear1497 to change a changeling800 triple threat1084 alternate hairstyle31971 anger magic199 applejack's parents319 ballerina1092 basket3602 bimbettes208 bottled rage24 brightbutter882 camera4443 cinnamon nuts70 clothes532831 colt17080 crossing the memes666 cup7309 dragon lord ember1166 equestrian pink heart of courage155 female1535403 filly79604 food82400 friendship journal182 ginseng teabags56 glowpaz113 guitar5641 heart57135 heart eyes21236 helmet12680 hug32189 jalapeno red velvet omelette cupcakes15 king thorax3366 kite873 magic82560 male434786 mare577383 meme87259 mini twilight10 mining helmet431 muffin6857 pancakes1496 pineapple527 pizza costume20 pizza head56 piñata282 punk2585 rainbow dash's parents341 raripunk1416 reformed four174 shipping222359 shopping cart181 simple background471937 stallion138372 statue2675 stingbush seed pods37 straight153339 strawberry1211 sugarmac884 teacup3304 that pony sure does love kites285 that pony sure does love teacups305 the meme continues62 the story so far of season 715 this isn't even my final form399 tutu1197 twilarina361 twilight sparkle (alicorn)134615 uniform12675 wall of tags5038 white background120726 why i'm creating a gown darling77 windyhoof322 wingding eyes28152 wonderbolts uniform6445


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Background Pony #A170
Hmmm. I spy with my little eye a certain catbirdpony’s paw.
Ok…time to guess the “health of information” addition….maybe giving swamp fever spots to Flutter along with a branch or two popping out? Having the healer’s mask over her head possibly?