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Gave Zecora a bit more appreciation than what she got for that episode; invited her to the alternate hairstyle party. I mean, if it weren’t for Zecora, we wouldn’t have had raripunk anyways.
safe1751952 artist:sketchmcreations1702 rarity185691 zecora9543 zebra18377 it isn't the mane thing about you1181 alternate hairstyle29101 bracelet10026 clothes476460 ear piercing27839 earring22194 female1403120 jacket13168 jewelry68477 leather jacket3492 mane swap523 mohawk794 neck rings953 piercing43163 punk2321 quadrupedal1792 raised hoof48474 raricora27 raripunk1283 rarity's hair16 simple background409645 smiling261466 transparent background209083 vector77895 zecorapunk1


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@Revenant Wings
I was saying the tag existed to describe the ship and laofuzi decided to use it for something other than the ship.
That said, I did research into the nine shipping images:
raricora is also used, but both tags being used to refer to the same ship started about four years ago, and about two years ago, there were efforts to fix this by making raricora the only Rarity/Zecora ship tag, at least on the earliest images by John Joseco, but six months ago zecority was put back on them. Both the effort and reversal were done by background ponies, so no big deal there.
The next image after them had a staff member add the zecority tag during that time four years ago, making any effort to fix it now not as simple as a unilateral tag removal spree on the other nine.
Revenant Wings
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Not-So-Stoic Royal Guard
…is it really a ship when it’s merely the alternate hairstyle? No one’s tagged “flutterdash” on Rainbow emulating Fluttershy’s hair and personality from “Newbie Dash”; that seems like a similar situation here.