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Description from source:
"Come on! I'll show you around."

Updated 23/09/2017

-Posted a high resolution image with more details

Gave up after so much detailing… (This one is only half the size of the working image). I'm not seeing an end to this. So I've decided to call it done. Thanks to everyone who gave suggestions for this one!

Two things I find weird with the overall composition: (1) Twilight's extended arm (2) The high contrast of the pool at the bottom center of the image


An exploration of a possible city plan for Canterlot

Posting because I'd like to hear your thoughs on how the city might work (at least visually).

I'll keep working on this and update when I have more ideas. Currently it kind of looks more like a small vacation resort or an amusement park…

MLP © Hasbro

Updated 13/08/2017
-Restored to previous city center layout
-Zoomed out a bit to show more context

Updated 13/08/2017
-Lowered the airport
-Added more platforms to the palace
-Changed layout of the main streets

Updated 29/08/2017
-Extended the airport
-Minor adjustments to building layout

Updated 04/09/2017
-Added more detail
safe1727464 artist:plainoasis240 twilight sparkle303158 alicorn228573 pony987715 airship954 art917 bird's eye view127 canterlot5750 canterlot castle2206 castle2057 chromatic aberration1500 city4320 cloud31336 colored pupils9928 epic1369 female1381773 flying38774 hot air balloon980 looking at you172197 looking back58699 looking back at you15350 mare491206 river1994 scenery8137 scenery porn858 solo1078347 spread wings55764 twilight sparkle (alicorn)124931 wallpaper18718 waterfall1712 wings111466


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A more detailed planned city, close to the atlantis mythos, reminiscent of ancient harbors of carthage
, if it were build by flying horses, with a waterfall and pseudo-sky-castle with art-deco blimp airports.
It has an ankh-morpork rimworld reel to it, minus all the satire of that series.

Great that you can make out individual buildings now. Districts add to an environmental narrative.

I have one huge question about the struture, and the mlp movie only made it worse:
The foundation is pretty much multiple huge half spheres, with significanrly more volume in them than in all the buildings on it.
What is celestia hiding in all that basement space?
- A very luxurious parking lot for celestias flying chariot collection?
- A lot of helium zeppelins that prevent the city from collapsing?
- A very intricate sewage system that deals with all the horse shit, that unicorns just "teleport down there", mostly just flodded with poo-water, that accumulated over hundreds of years, because there sure is no drain!
- A huge industrial complex, mostly waterwheel-powered, where most train stations are underground?
- A large supporting caste of earth ponies who rarely ever get to see daylight, whos main purpose is to drive wheels to recharge magical items?

Even all of that together still fails to fill all the half-sphere space, to a point where the volume may be mostly hollow, like a huge biospshpere of a centripedal-rotating spaceship.
That area alone would make a great setting for a dungeon-crawler, filled with mythical creatures who claim some of its rooms as their home.

Dwarf fortresses dwarfs in comparison to what you may find in the basement of canterlot.
whatever is in there, it sure lacks gates or windows to the outside
, and all entrances to it may as well go trough the mountain, most of them may be flodded by its high altitude aquifers.
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Hoofsies Rule
may you be blessed to have done this whole work. We need more actual maps of eq.
Its beautiful. And definitely worth every bit, think i can lose myself in it figuring out all the stories that may be going on in every detail every building and all around areas there are.
200% Awesome!!!
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You don't see that angle of Canterlot, well… ever. Bravo.

Also, those must be some incredible masons/builders they have, using some extraordinary strong materials to justify unsupported skywalks and fountains and minarets.
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making the buildings smaller further away really helped make the city seem more expansive. those platforms at the top, where the airships dock, they look really splendid. the uh… upside down tower's a little weird, but it works. the detail on that castle is just stunning. and that view! nothing makes you feel more like you're on a mountain than looking down below you and seeing the clouds.
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This is breathtaking. I'm almost getting vertigo when looking at the castle and the riverside village on the highest resolution.