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A break from Badgerben, this is a piece that @graphenescloset​ kindly let me colour a while ago to get into this. This was done in Photoshop rather than SAI, I was pleased with the horn effects.
Anyway enjoy a lardy Twi trying to justify how she isn’t fat.
suggestive170166 artist:graphenescloset740 color edit8345 edit154455 rainbow dash257172 twilight sparkle330069 alicorn269754 pony1295780 adorafatty375 belly34896 big belly15665 book38765 butt171086 colored21878 colorist:archycolours23 denial375 dialogue78624 fat25650 female1579366 huge butt12904 large belly1314 large butt24679 magic85160 mare603948 obese13447 plot111207 solo1246048 solo female204348 telekinesis33497 the ass was fat18061 twibutt7165 twilard sparkle1561 twilight has a big ass645 twilight sparkle (alicorn)137317


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