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explicit398434 artist:twistedscarlett601185 princess cadance35741 alicorn260867 anthro300220 plantigrade anthro40435 anus112190 ass63194 blue underwear2539 blushing227705 breasts324321 butt149086 chest fluff49652 clothes533546 colored pupils11536 dialogue75877 feet46641 female1537227 full body5272 imminent sex8483 looking at you203718 lovebutt1487 mare578469 nail polish9374 nipples198542 nudity430096 on side7680 panties55532 panties around legs2554 panties pulled down4354 sexy35409 smiling309531 socks77536 solo1211413 solo female199571 stockings39556 teen princess cadance968 thigh highs45246 tongue out121861 underwear68005 vulgar22729 vulva150856 younger19380


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Background Pony #B368
Gotta stare for a little bit longer first to work up the good ol’ erection. And admire that chest fluff.
Background Pony #DA62
@Background Pony #FCF5
And what if, after death, you can choose where to go?
What if “heaven” was your own world that you always wanted to be in? With everything and everyone you wanted there to be?
Well that’d be just about the only way that Heaven wouldn’t get extremely, mind-numbingly boring to me.  
Though we don’t have a clue what goes on in the afterlife, or even if there is an afterlife.  
Though you’re free to believe whatever you want.
Background Pony #DA62
“May I have an appetizer before we move onto the main course?~”
Dude, space is endless so everything’s possible ;)
True, but we are a lllooonnnggg ways off from interstellar travel, and even when we do accomplish such a technological feat||, if we ever do, and that’s a big “if”||, it’ll still take billions, possibly trillions of years to get anywhere significantly far away on the Universal scale.  
So, unless some advanced civilization with anywhere from thousands to billions of years of technological evolution over us wants to pay Earth a visit and share their hyperdrive/jump drive/warp drive technology with us, we’re not going very far from this little ball of dirt and water for a very long time.