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"…And that is why Celestia banned banana's for a week" Luna says with a wave of her arm, chuckling softly to herself.

"Oh goodness" Flurry replies with a giggle of her own. Her ears swivel back as she heard a gasp from behind.

"O-oh gosh oh gosh oh gosh!"

Flurry turns and spies the little filly rushing over, each step a bounce of pure excited energy like a bottle of lightning ready to burst. The poor dear was short of breath as she looked up to Flurry in awe, "Princess Flurry Heart! You're here!" she says, her tail wagging like a puppy's.

Flurry smiles warmly as she bends slightly down, regarding the filly, "Well, hello there little one"

The little Filly merely squeals in pure joy, stamping her feet in a little dance. Luna shakes her head, smirking a little as she remembers when Flurry was just like that so long ago.
safe1556819 artist:jawolfadultishart116 princess flurry heart6145 princess luna93185 oc594566 alicorn191299 anthro226247 plantigrade anthro26238 3d61117 boots18323 clothes401734 cravat115 cute173485 daz studio673 dress39032 excited2542 female881056 filly58446 holster349 jacket10544 leather jacket2893 older flurry heart897 pants11888 sandals3720 shoes29059 suit5011 sword10465 uniform9089 weapon26758


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