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Went with a humanized colorization this time around.
suggestive148458 artist:ponut_joe409 rarity185646 human159019 it isn't the mane thing about you1181 alternate hairstyle29086 belly button81389 belt5857 breasts288855 busty rarity13397 candy7102 choker12941 cleavage35652 eyeshadow16591 female1402652 food73023 grin40991 hand on hip7528 humanized101952 lidded eyes31820 lollipop2519 looking at you175812 makeup22842 midriff19868 nail polish8104 raised eyebrow6688 raripunk1278 smiling261276 smirk13038 solo1094949 solo female183728 spiked wristband1363 undercut310 wristband3828 zipper823


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Background Pony #42D9
Wow, Ponut Joe actually made something good for a change.
Now that's a rarity.