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suggestive172852 artist:eve-ashgrove763 artist:vest423 zecora10441 human202711 zebra20948 ass68643 breasts343046 butt178808 clothes558981 collaboration6294 dusk245 ear piercing35617 feet48636 female1602646 humanized110103 looking at you216947 piercing53473 sandals5178 sexy37964 solo1268017 solo female207458 stupid sexy zecora186 sunset6644 tree41414


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Bless you for making more humanized art of my favorite stripey chocolate wifu <3 Btw are you considering making a nude version of this? That would be seriously amazing if you did…
Background Pony #BED1
I certainly prefer that one. I do get where you’re coming from, and you’re not wrong either.
Though with Derpi as a digital medium (even if you work print) darker skintone versions are perfectly viable. I’d even go as far as going just a bit darker, personally- but that, that is personal taste, I am VERY fond of dark skin.
Unrelated to skintone however, her eyes aren’t quite blue enough. Zecora’s got some mighty pretty blue sparklers, they stand out pretty well.
Absolutely adore the hair and stripes though.
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@Background Pony #3B04  
Legitimate question now that I’m looking at it with fresh eyes. To make the character more legible in the scene, I darkened the background, then significantly darkened the tree she was on to help it appear further forward in the composition (but didn’t darken Zecora). So the reason she would appear as a more pale African skintone (rather than a much darker tone) is an effect of darkening the background to establish better separation of elements in the scene. I opted not to darken her skintones out of habit in working on print-medium comics; if something in a scene is supposed to be legible, it has to be much lighter. Giving her a skin tone relative to the surrounding environment would cause her to not appear in print, unfortunately.
If it becomes a point of contention for people, I’ll have no problem giving it a second go and adjusting her skintones to be a dark black. Wouldn’t actually be that bad of an idea to have a version where she would appear black in print (this current version here), and a new version where she would appear black on a digital display.
Something like this perhaps…