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For a second, I thought this is official. Good job on the cover, though. I personally don't ship Spike with anyone romantically, but I love his interactions with those characters (especially Sunset and Starlight).
Background Pony #F925
Usually correct, too. This one has the telltale signs (including prompting a comment war)… except it isn't taken from any of his DA accounts and since he's permabanned here, how it got here remains a mystery. I thought he ragequit the fandom after Mirror Magic came out.

I feel the same way too sometimes, I understand why some people shipping Spike with Starlight and Ember, but however in canon, he has never show any romantic feelings towards either of them. Sparity is kinda canon since Rarity is Spike's love interest and his crush on her always brought back every now and then.

I do agreed with the others, it's just shipping and everybody can ship what they want.
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People are allowed to ship whatever the heck they want, there aren't many canon ships in the show, and most of them are boring anyway :/
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@Background Pony #4180
Don't get me wrong, I'm a shipping whore. Fun shipping based on flimsy criteria is a-ok with me. But the moment you start implying the show has shown record of characters having canonical romantic interest over quick glances is a different story. I was willing to let Starlight slide, but there's no way Sunset and Trixie had anything close to even a *wink wink nudge nudge* from the showrunners.
Background Pony #8035
To be fair, 97.5% of all 'ships in this fandom are based on one smile/glance shared between two characters—or even flimsier justifications.