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Cirrent Sushi

Patreon reward for Bagi!

Iunno what you’re talkin about Electro, Cirrus eats dat good stuff the only proper way.
safe1655076 artist:frist441333 oc653079 oc only431918 oc:cirrus sky437 oc:electro current358 hippogriff9190 unicorn302371 cheek fluff5080 chopsticks350 cirrent172 digital multimeter86 ear fluff26960 face stuffing3 feeding1267 female1318596 fluffy13709 food66951 laughing7637 mare456785 open mouth136559 outdoors9442 plate1625 shoulder fluff1646 sitting60081 sky13165 smiling234215 sushi488 tongue out98755 tree30848 wing fluff1551


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And thats why you'll go around making people hate you because you are the type that enjoys living alone with minimal friends or surrounding yourself with fake friends who when you need them wont be there, trust me ive seen many of your type and it never works out for the best.
Artist -

Non-sugarcoater jerk
Because trends are stupid and need to die.
I mean what's next?
We pick every furry OC who is a dog and call them Diamond dogs?
What we need here is Quality Control, and believe me! I'm willing to give it freely, like it or not.
Artist -

Non-sugarcoater jerk
Well since I can make OCs outside of the pony spectrum, we could say I crowned myself as King. Good lucking trying to dethrone me tho.
And I know that there are a few like him.
Also, one thing is a hybrid and other a hippogriff.
The hybrid (in this case for mlp scenarios) is just a pony with minor aspect qualities of other specie.
And an Hippogriff is half bird, half horse, 50%-50%, no more no less.