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While it wasn't unheard of that there were many who were a fan of latex, there were those who'd taken such an interest to an extreme. Blending the likes of moderate mind control into the mix, nanites being the sole form of conversion and programming for an organic, the first place to have experienced such a catastrophe — if it could be considered such to those who enjoyed it — was Manehatten.

One such victim who was caught in the spread of this unusual virus was Latch. While the purpose of the virus was for everyone to look the same in the way of appearance, black and encased in shiny latex from ears to toes, faults in the nanites had done the exact opposite. Many were made into unique Drones of varying patterns, but the intention and conversion remained the same; lenses affixed over their eyes, their mouths were sealed, and a respirator that kept them otherwise docile with what was described as sweet smelling fumes, kept them obedient.


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