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"What do you mean I'm too little to guard the pyramid?"
safe1706859 artist:badumsquish1967 derpibooru exclusive28397 sphinx (character)940 sphinx1917 daring done?953 :<1044 badumsquish is trying to murder us166 cub114 cute199851 daaaaaaaaaaaw3891 female1363512 filly66709 headdress556 hnnng2432 kitten338 kitty sphinx50 looking at you168710 paws4886 pouting1982 sad24531 sitting63268 solo1064524 sphinxdorable102 spots633 stripes1319 two-tone coat115 weapons-grade cute3689 wings107461 younger17380


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Background Pony #62A0
More more more more we need it please. Maybe a better view of her little kitten proportions or even with a pony to see scale. This is pretty much the only picture of bab
Background Pony #A1E3
We totally need more of cute spotty bab sphinx, the last 12 pictures of her have been nsfw, iz time for mOar spots
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I'm really fascinated with the whole journey to villain story, and getting to see villains in their younger days who weren't particularly bad people yet or who were outright good guys :D
Background Pony #A250
I just want to pick her up and hug her and pet her and squeeze her and call her something other than George.