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3 pictures in one single image

explicit465263 artist:shinodage1118 prince hisan117 somnambula2398 the sphinx1181 pegasus488211 pony1582974 sphinx2562 daring done?1048 g42007443 aftersex12213 all in one148 anatomically correct35136 anus135440 aroused1504 balls108079 bodyjob94 bukkake3490 butt226895 clothes625843 comic134176 compilation689 cum103915 cum everywhere1235 cum on body3974 cum on floor508 cum on hair2537 cum on wings198 cumming31577 dark genitals16748 dock70118 erection25077 excessive cum4278 eyes closed137130 eyeshadow29281 facial10725 female1781822 flared3988 floppy ears71942 framed by legs282 frown35598 funny porn1584 futa60973 futa on female15428 futa sphinx150 genital swap60 giantess6104 glare9012 gritted teeth19118 horsecock97845 imminent futa on female19 imminent sex10497 intercrural sex1241 intersex63345 legs in air4957 looking back85000 macro14784 makeup39381 male543324 mare728683 micro11805 nudity505449 on back33595 penis210294 plot141119 ponut63125 precum14843 raised hoof68503 raised leg11611 scared14136 sex168664 ship:sphinxambula70 side view3640 size difference20897 stallion191824 story in the comments966 terrified642 this will end in snu snu and/or death24 throbbing919 tinyface328 unamused23756 underhoof68016 vulva186950 wavy mouth5454 wide eyes19760 worried5586


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I am verry like this scene, i mean i get addicted.
I think i am not enough worthy to the sphinx give me such blessing, but i try to ask : “ may i clean somnambula of course if she dont mind” i will be very honored if she let me.
Kagura Kuroko

Is it wrong that I imagine a tuba going “bwuamp!” when Somnambula gets a face full of cum?! LOL
Seriously, that was one monster load she took!!
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@Background Pony #AA28  
futa is short for futanari and it’s a type of fetish.  
The idea is that a female character has a penis either instead of or additional to a vagina.  
It’s pretty popular as you can tell by the size of the futa tag.