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safe1708535 artist:shujiwakahisaa76 flash sentry12878 fluttershy212876 pinkie pie216397 princess cadance32501 princess flurry heart7279 rainbow dash234159 shining armor23194 spike78849 twilight sparkle300592 twilight velvet4320 oc685906 alicorn224862 dragon56412 pegasus292566 pony969608 comic:the magic of pregnancy9 baby10463 baby pony6612 comic109192 evil flurry heart98 female1365031 flashlight2756 foreshadowing or not?1 high res29653 male373413 mare481643 offspring39140 parent:flash sentry3013 parent:twilight sparkle8312 parents:flashlight2581 quintuplets8 shipping200481 stallion109138 straight136542 that baby sure does love mayhem6 this will end in conquest6 twilight sparkle (alicorn)123783 xk-class end-of-the-world scenario2363


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Background Pony #1612
This is actually one of the few times I've liked the, "Flurry is evil" take. Usually when people do it, they're just doing it in a way that comes off as really forced for the sake of coming up with whatever reason they can to hate an adorable and innocent baby. But here it feels much more comical, like the person doing it knew what they were doing and weren't just arbitrarily hating a baby for no reason.
Background Pony #F496
i am sick of all flurry is evil! flurry is pure inocent and will become a great princess! not a evil tyrent! all this hate on flurry is for stupid reason! yes look diffence of all baby pony but some picture of baby applejack a be too!
Background Pony #9F82
yeah I wouldint mind if one was an alicorn but I would have love to have seen a mixed bag of unicorn, Pegasus, and earth pony (since twi is like all three combined)
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Y'all are stupid!
It's painful enough to have one foal, but five at the same time? Damn… twilight is a warrior (and so is flash since he'll have to take care of them all. Best of luck to you… you'll need it) though i don't really like the idea of them all being alicorns but eh that's just me

Just one question, who's male and who's female? I'm kinda lost here