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Request for based on: devon13168.deviantart.com/art/…

Note: It was requested that Twilight was a unicorn instead of an alicorn, so that's why the wings aren't presentScene:sta.sh/01e6ve84me5h
and (and others) — Enhanced Pony Models (Twily and Dashie) > fav.me/daqrjtq
— Spike
— Discopears' MLP Assets Hub
safe1703606 artist:powdan111 rainbow dash233638 spike78687 twilight sparkle299981 dragon56122 pegasus290666 pony964929 unicorn321992 3d75948 cute199346 ear bite1556 female1360408 giant pony4618 giant rainbow dash122 giantess4084 gmod7316 lesbian96819 macro10872 mare479218 mega twilight sparkle141 mega/giant rainbow dash97 shipping199921 twidash5266


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