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Note from artist:
Heh. I don’t know why, but I just wanted to draw this scene. My apologies if you haven’t seen the short yet, I was just really tempted. Whether you think of this as shipping fuel or two besties being cutesy wutesy together, I respect it. XD
Also, I wanted to divert from my styles a bit as well. I tried out an anime-like human style for this. The lining was a bit rushed imo, but whatevs. Most anime is outlined in black and my sketches are usually fairly messy when I convert it from paper to tablet and then I outline the black lines with even more lines (a somewhat complex process, but again, that’s how I do things).
safe1946228 artist:cinnamon-swirls101 sci-twi28496 sunset shimmer71576 twilight sparkle330082 eqg summertime shorts3445 equestria girls230834 monday blues334 adorkable3993 anime6563 backpack2350 belt7526 blushing234733 canterlot high3323 clothes549683 cute232064 dork4307 female1579498 glasses75970 hoodie17463 laughing9556 lesbian107616 outdoors15623 pants18388 ponytail22205 rain6983 scene interpretation9829 scitwishimmer2558 shimmerbetes4835 shipping227232 skirt47230 smiling323575 statue2767 sunsetsparkle4787 twiabetes13668 umbrella3185


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