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Things are in motion… things from the past…


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Background Pony #6E0B
Not insane at all. I think the connection between what Chrysalis was talking about and King Sombra is obvious and intentional.

Where they're GOING with it, on the other hand, and how Chrysalis even knew about some stuff Celsetia had under wraps…

I gots this feeling that Meghan McCarthy just might be some kind of magnificent bastard.
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

Escapee from Alcatraz
Alright, new headcannon time.
Back them, Unicorns used to mine the Crystal Mines extensively, however, Scholars soon pointed out that further mining would damage Cantelot's geological stability, and cause it to crumble, so the mining operations were shut down.
One of the unenployed ponies were Sombra's family, who greatly resented that, and quickly became bitter, hateful ponies.
They, along some other unicorns, moved to the Crystal Empire, looking for new job opportunities. Arriving there, however, they found out that they had a lot less restriction than they did in Canterlot, with heavier tax on profits, and all, this further drove Sombra and his Unicorn brethen to become hateful.
One time, however, they found out about the Crystal Heart's secret powers, and sought to obtain it for themselves, as revenge for the way the Crystal Ponies treated them.
Sombra led a small militia force that cut their way to the town square and then he and all Unicorns proceeded to inject all of their hate and scorn for the Crystal ponies into the Heart, Causing every Crystal Pony to become a demoralized, subservient slave.
Sombra then exiled the Crystal Princess and her daughter (Whose descendant would be Cadence), took control of the Crystal Throne, and then proceeded to drive the Crystal Ponies into slavery, initally out of poetic justice.
However, the more he used Dark Magic, the more his intentions were corrupted, and by the end, he was just a sadistic monster who enjoyed seeing other ponies in agony.
The remaining Unicorns, sickened with his actions, tried to fight him off, however, most of them were killed and the survivors barely managed to escape the Empire.
One of the survivors eventually let Celestia know of what Sombra was doing, and the rest is story.