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safe1676583 artist:joy-ang17 spike77841 twilight sparkle296704 alicorn218724 dragon54485 pony939398 my little pony: the movie18780 the art of my little pony: the movie209 blueprint184 canterlot5571 cloudsdale1275 concept art1221 crystal empire2236 duo58490 female1336628 fire11177 fire breath658 letter3015 magic71769 male362802 mare466591 quill2659 scroll3343 telekinesis27063 twilight (astronomy)645 twilight sparkle (alicorn)122128 twilight's castle3768 writing1192


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Background Pony #9827
You know what tag there really should be? And "Official" tag because I can't ever tell what is fan works and what is official hasbro works anymore.

After seeing the new castle in the movie and how it looks compared to the current castle in the show, this picture makes a whole lot of sense. Twilight must of got in some crazy architect mood and decided to revision her castle, hence all the blueprints.