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“Someday.. you will do great and powerful things, my little Trixie. Mommy is so proud of you.”
My headcanon as to why Trixie always refers to herself as “The Great and Powerful”.
I couldn’t find her mother’s name, but I got her design from the comics:

safe2211207 artist:ipandacakes494 idw21491 sunflower spectacle274 trixie80394 pony1641517 unicorn556193 g42065934 spoiler:comic40165 ^^3506 base used34305 butt238639 cute271303 diatrixes3893 duo184811 duo female35821 eyes closed142633 featured image1242 female1845308 filly100674 filly trixie399 floppy ears75023 hooves27301 horn211596 like mother like daughter478 like parent like child614 mare768017 mother and daughter8762 plot148970 prone36269 simple background616167 tail110692 transparent background292105 two toned mane6743 two toned tail3479 watermark24764 younger23422


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