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here’s Rosalina with Twilight Sparkle’s pony-up form and in her blue rock and roll outfit singing a song what is she singing about
i used this base: (updated and edited)EQG-HEAR ME SCREAM IN THE MIC!
safe (1410861)artist:mlpcrystalmelody (3)artist:user15432 (686)twilight sparkle (257090)equestria girls (157037)rainbow rocks (16788)alicorn (159447)base used (10048)clothes (349778)crossover (52238)crown (10347)ear piercing (16488)earring (14053)equestria girls-ified (7073)equestria girls style (282)hasbro (1961)hasbro studios (535)horn (24235)human (129140)humanized (87403)jewelry (37720)nintendo (2886)piercing (27754)ponied up (4261)pony ears (1058)regalia (11727)rock and roll (40)rosalina (131)singing (5115)solo (865594)super mario bros. (3104)super mario galaxy (146)super smash bros. (948)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (100072)winged humanization (7548)wings (51098)


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