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I should probably give some background. The phrase Temmy (Singapore pony) is saying is from a memorable scene in a local film. The guy who said this is well known among Singaporeans. You can watch the original footage here.

Also note that these ponies are nation pony mascots from the recent Project SEAPonyCon. From left to right they represent Thailand (earth pony), Malaysia (earth pony), Indonesia (alicorn), Philippines (pegasus) and Singapore (earth pony).
safe (1524493) artist:buckweiser (119) oc (574479) oc only (393899) oc:indonisty (66) oc:kwankao (34) oc:pearl shine (101) oc:rosa blossomheart (73) oc:temmy (59) alicorn (184391) earth pony (180243) pegasus (222212) pony (799604) unicorn (244030) army (485) assault rifle (661) bullpup rifle (8) camouflage (537) david bala (1) female (849204) gun (13552) helmet (9006) indonesia (178) malaysia (214) mare (388770) meme (76707) military (1510) military pony (45) military uniform (957) nation ponies (1227) philippines (117) ponified (37024) rifle (3210) sar-21 (2) singapore (258) thailand (139) tongue out (85191) weapon (25554) x intensifies (313)


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Alex Vostox

I like it how Buckweiser correctly drawn the camouflage pattern of all the characters ere'. Blossomheart with tiger stripe, Temmy with Singapore digital pattern, Indonisty with DPM, Kwankao with Thailand woodland and Pearly with Philiphines brushstroke pattern. To Buckweiser. You really do your studies. Congratulations~!