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Ohmygosh I love this one


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Many. One of the favorite things I like about DVD/Blu-Ray special features is looking at concept art. The same happens with live action movies and shows too since certain special effects and costumes have to go through multiple designs too.

Which is why I'll never understand why so many people reacted as if the sky was falling with the G5 concept design leaks but I digress.

Her current design seems to be based off a Cockatoo. They probably should have went with another pirate for her design like a Macaw of some sort. That way they could have the parrot pirate joke in the design while not making her look too much like a griffon.

I like both the final design and this one though. For different reasons.

Yeah that could explain why her design was changed, at least in terms of her overall color scheme.
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Oh my gosh, FINALLY; an original concept that was cut out and yet is NOT the subject of controversy in the fandom. Close call, dude.