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suggestive136846 artist:chapaevv816 oc653271 oc only431988 oc:pepper slice61 oc:sweet heat49 crystal pony4433 anthro249433 anthro oc29065 ballgag6904 bondage32396 clothes441359 club318 collar31478 commission63118 femboy8796 gag13938 girly1212 harness1921 looking at you159569 looking back54244 male356233 nightclub440 ponytail16979 solo1031210 solo male25439 stallion102377 stripper pole1865 striptease132 tack4354 tail holder463 tail wrap6302 tailcuff190 trap4367 ych result19872


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Sweet Heat

It'S because in this picture, the bondage is designed more artfully and beyond the restriction to speaking, which can be easily removed by one self, there is nothing restricting?

I don't like bondage,but I like this picture… I don't know how to feel…

It's not exactly heavy bondage

Actually I just noticed the gag so it's a little heavier than I thought. Still fairly light though.