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Just a quickie~ also, yay managed get past the first art block ._.also should've used a thick line :v==
ATG-D24-2017Prompt: Draw a pony doing the unexpected

Big mac eating a Bigmac… sometimes the the unexpected is the expected :v
safe1680986 artist:dusthiel717 big macintosh27956 pony943037 atg 2017663 big mac (burger)53 burger1814 eating9440 food68490 hamburger589 hay burger603 male364164 mcdonald's595 newbie artist training grounds5601 simple background385018 sitting61690 solo1046601 stallion105383 transparent background198770


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Background Pony #0662
Big McIntosh:Alright,I'm done how much bits it's cost
McDonald's Cashier(In Vegeta voice):It's over 9000
Big McIntosh(shocked):WHAAAAAAAAAT?,9000 bits for that one burger NOOOOOOO