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Name: Vinyl Scratch
Race: Unicorn
Job: Psychic (PSY)
Sub-Job: Dancer (DNC)
Weapon Type: Unarmed
Hometown: ???
Residence: Ponyville

Vinyl is not your average Unicorn. She appeared in Ponyville dressed rather strangely asking multiple citizens where the tavern and inn were. The unicorn had very deep pockets as the bartender would soon find out, paying for all of the drinks served that night. Since then she has made a name for herself as a bit of a rambunctious party pony, but not before splitting the cost of a house with resident musician and friend, Octavia.

The unicorn was one of the citizens caught in the middle of the Bugbear attack. During which, she witnessed the troubles her housemate was having issues with the insect by herself. In a rush to help her friend she started throwing what her telekinesis could reach out for. Forks, knives, spoons, tables, chairs, and the like were thrown with accuracy that would make a Ninja jealous at the monster. While it wasn’t enough to defeat the monster, it bought more than enough time for Octavia to steady herself. Even though their efforts were overshadowed by the Warriors, the both of them were approached if they were interested in helping them when needed.

She avoids any questions about her rather strange clothes. Vinyl simply dances around any inquiry thrown at her. This was successful for a time up until the bugbear incident. Her cuffs glowed rather brightly as she was throwing items with her telekinesis. It was one of many reasons she was actually approached by the Warriors outside of her raw power displayed. The unicorn had no way to clearly explain to any of the more intelligent members of the Warriors since she herself had no real understanding of them. Only noting that where she’s from, its very commonplace for weak unicorns like herself.

On the quests she’s joined on, Vinyl tends to show unusual proficiency with unknown technology even if the others she’s accompanying have very little knowledge of the magitech in question. What asked, she simply replies that it’s something she’s at least familiar with, though she can’t really explain the intricacies. The situations where her confusing expertise became so numerous that if a coming mission even hinted at including unknown tech, she would be asked to join. Naturally, for every one piece of technology she would inherently understand, there were two that she was clueless on. Her competency with the technology, for as much time as it saved when she had it, was truly out of this world.

Telekinetic Enhancers — A pair of bracelets that do as their names imply. Her strength and accuracy with those bracelets make her able to use throwable weapons and many others not intentionally made for throwing with beyond impressive precision dispite being an amatuer in combat. The pair she wears is just a higher end consumer models meant to make her sets more flashy according to her (never going on to explain what she meant by “sets”). She notes that it would be rather difficult to get any for her friends since her home is pretty far away.

Scan-Bans — Otherworldly eyewear that Vinyl uses to keep track of crowds at her shows, or at least they used to. Now they actually serve her a combat purpose giving her at-a-glance readings on distance, winds, weather, and a basic Libra function after learning how to actually use her pair. Initially she bought them where she’s from since they looked nice, but now she’s really happy with her purchase.


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I know the art direction takes its ques from the Job of the same name from Final Fantasy X-2, but playing tons of Overwatch means the moment I saw those shades, I was like "I didn't know Vinyl was the new Symmetra."