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Nobody expects the Equestrian Inquisition!
Cave background, by Proenix. Dungeon background, by Gray–day. Twilight puppet by Bronyanimstudios
safe1786091 artist:bronyanimstudios5 artist:gray--day273 artist:proenix103 edit139382 edited screencap69816 screencap232957 thorax4572 twilight sparkle310398 alicorn239173 changedling9035 changeling51406 pony1087572 triple threat1021 animated102391 c:1230 cardinal ximenes1 chair7291 cute210167 double rainboom puppet68 evil grin4780 eyes closed101651 female1434536 frown24363 gif33146 glare8353 grin43012 gritted teeth13828 hat93386 king thorax3097 king thorax the fabulous19 mare519177 monty python336 open mouth161669 pure unfiltered evil1778 raised hoof50256 sitting67562 smiling272875 smirk13537 spanish inquisition32 stretching2478 twiabetes12477 twilight sparkle (alicorn)128000 underhoof55261


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Twilight: You will stay in the comfy chair until lunchtime, with only a cup of coffee at 11:00–Is that all there is?  
Starlight: Uh, yes, Twilight.  
Twlight: I see. I suppose we make it worse by shouting a lot, do we?
(they all lean toward Thorax)
Twlight: Confess, changeling. Confess. Confess! CONFESS! CONFESS!  
Starlight: I CONFESS!  
Twilight: NOT YOU!