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This is an updated version with the correct number of elements… I was reading from a bad source last time.
safe1727936 artist:kill joy143 carrot top5533 diamond tiara10317 golden harvest5533 pinkie pie218251 princess celestia95874 princess luna99952 princess platinum626 rarity183685 silver spoon6589 twilight sparkle303227 oc698293 oc:milky way2123 alicorn228657 changeling48739 pony988115 changeling oc7734 elements24 elements of harmony2476 female1382177 funny4164 group photo782 group shot443 ichigo3 kurosaki ichigo109 mare491418 periodic table205 pointy ponies3407 pun7604 science1246 small edit1 twilight sparkle (alicorn)124957


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Background Pony #3B16
No, that is NOT better! Think of all the villains you had to defeat by using all of the elements together, and now imagine how you're going to coordinate 115 ponies for the main attack to work!