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Giant Twilight #17
Just gotta make sure her friends have a front row seat before making any further “changes” to the solar system. Fortunately, simulating all the necessary planetary effects of orbiting a yellow star within a proportionally scaling forcefield are pretty easy for a teramacro unicorn.
safe1784716 artist:shieltar389 part of a set14414 twilight sparkle310224 pony1084738 unicorn356827 comic:giant twilight71 comic113492 cute210019 dialogue69829 female1433407 giant pony4782 giantess4343 jewelry71889 macro11359 magic77224 necklace21605 part of a series2863 planet1255 pony bigger than a planet500 size difference15433 smiling272295 solo1121288 space5276 stars16895 tangible heavenly object1374 tongue out111443 unicorn twilight19628


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Background Pony #D46F
damn, this might be the best macro growth set on the site, and it just keeps getting more visually impressive
Background Pony #103D
He’s probably referring to how 5.5 was uploaded right before this one (click the comic:giant twilight tag).
Background Pony #BB7E
Universe vore, universe vore, here we go, omnomnom, naught shall remain, omnomnom, all shall end, omnomnom…

Sure, they’ll be fine…
Except for Luna. The amount of gravity Twilight is generating by her sheer size would have crushed moon horse long ago and as she didn’t mention anything about protecting her home world from that or the several other problems her close presence would cause either, everything on Equis is dead.