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“The Dread Pirate Applejack”
This is actually she’s called on the back of the toy box!
Like the previous Twilight pic, it’s a hybrid of movie and show style. >>1505141 was the reference used, along with the box art >>1506131.
Oh by the way, fixed the screwed-up backwards-bent sword in the stock art. I debated having her bite it by the actual sword grip, but settled on the traditional “pirate clenching a knife in his teeth” look.
Next up will probably be Rainbow Dash, then Pinkie.

safe2210821 artist:cheezedoodle961142 applejack203435 earth pony520658 pony1641059 g42065504 my little pony: the movie21528 .svg available10799 action pose1420 armor31994 badass3786 belt9807 boots34457 bracer652 clothes650787 crouching970 evil smile6673 eyepatch4100 feather8837 female1844837 giant hat197 grin64667 hat127814 high res410076 leather armor199 lidded eyes50311 mare767675 mouth hold24196 pants23184 pirate3066 pirate applejack66 pirate costume172 pirate hat810 scimitar91 shirt42370 shoes61531 simple background616009 smiling411281 smirk18583 solo1456332 svg5194 sword15044 transparent background292057 vector90843 weapon42129


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I wonder what side she actually wears the eyepatch on, but until the movie actually airs I’m gonna headcanon that she just switches it back and forth when she gets tired of using one eye and wants to use the other.
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Holy crap,AJ looks like an absolute bad-ass!:O Funny how she’s called the “Dread Pirate” because all I can think about when I hear that is the space pirates from Metroid working on their project “Dread”.