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First of all; there was never a line of dialogue that directly states or indicates that either of them are actual siblings with AJ's parents. So there is no continuity error as far as that's concerned.

Second of all; the Oranges could have simply been cousins of one of AJ's parents, they don't have to be direct siblings to be considered uncle and aunt. Plus there's the fact that we never see Granny's husband or Pear Butter's wife, so there's the possibility one of them (most likely Granny Smith's lover) was a part of the Orange family or maybe had a sibling that married into the Orange side of the family, thus making them a part of the Apple family.

Third of all; I recommend that before you make baseless assumptions you do some proper analysis, considering the fact that I was able to come up with the above paragraph simply from doing a bit of research, it shouldn't be too hard for you to do the same instead of just pretending that is simple meme is what the episode was focused on.

Tell me, what exactly what did we know about AJ's parents before the Perfect Pear episode? I mean, besides them being dead?


Therefore there was nothing to truly retcon about them. The episode was made to explore the history of AJ's parents and give us info on exactly what their lives were like before they had children and passed on, not capitalise on a meme no one remembers.

I suggest you stop making up lies to justify your hatred of the series.

@Background Pony #A86E
It was established in Season 1 that the Applejack’s aunt or uncle Orange were the sibling of one of her parents. This resulted in a glaring continuity snarl several years later when The Perfect Pear was released to capitalize on this old meme.

Not everyone appreciated it.
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@Darth Shy
I mean, even if they don't hate pears anymore, they can't just let somepony else sell her pears in their town, can they? At least not without a cut from every sale…
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i was sure there was a drawing of AJ hugging that pony while screaming "i am sorry!" but there is not.
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They made this overdone unfunny running gag canon in the show and played it for drama at the expense of Season 1 continuity.

That's just sad.