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semi-grimdark31983 artist:wubcakeva1191 sunset shimmer68977 vampire4541 equestria girls222624 clothes519630 dialogue73769 evil3265 fanfic10766 fanfic art16012 fangs29959 female1503281 forest11638 implied lesbian3897 implied scitwishimmer220 implied shipping5720 implied sunsetsparkle318 jacket14815 leather jacket4289 pants17102 red eyes7650 seems legit775 shirt29199 smiling297862 solo1184660 torn clothes5508 tree37464 trust me17 vampirism113


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Added the “fanfic”, “fanfic art”, “implied sunsetsparkle”, “implied scitwishimmer”, “implied shipping”, “implied lesbian” tags, as this is fanart of the fanfic Sunlight by The Albinocorn, which ships Sci-Twi and Sunset, as described in the source by WubCake -  
Been tempted to draw vampire Sunset after beginning my fanfic reading of “Sunlight” by The Albinocorn.

Sunset Shimmer Fan
Sure, why not? If I’m going to be turned or eaten anyway, may as well be by Sunny-Sun.
If that’s actually Sunny, that is, and not some imposter.