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introducing my first set of dakimakuras! featuring luna and celestia, as well as a limited supply of custom, one-of-a-kind dakis of whoever you desire

details are on the listings!

make sure to order these during the pre-order period to ensure you snag one! i will only have a very limited supply of them after that time frame~
safe1691870 artist:pearlyiridescence869 princess luna98563 alicorn221510 pony953518 bed40458 blushing195190 body pillow3612 body pillow design2352 crown16576 cute197686 embarrassed11257 featureless crotch6818 female1349750 jewelry62251 looking back56547 mare473788 merchandise4139 moonbutt3348 on back24171 open mouth142867 plot77970 praise the moon542 regalia19489 solo1054290 underhoof51422 watermark15834


not provided yet


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oppai mousepad profiteer
pre orders are open until september 5th, so you have some time to save up your money!! :3
there are no limit to the amount of pre orders for these, unlike the mouse pads, since i don't have to worry about minimum order quantities with this company.