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Hey people I hope you are well rested
explicit327760 grimdark29447 artist:redvais154 princess celestia91253 princess luna95589 alicorn206484 octopus412 pony885239 :34047 abuse6606 anatomically correct22127 anus89972 bikini16782 blushing182900 clitoris24988 clothes426787 cutie mark43965 female1287632 femsub9835 lunabuse143 mare440157 nudity344322 panties47479 panties aside1467 plot73186 ponytail16488 rape7812 rcf community5023 sex111588 sex in the water137 submissive14998 surprise sex425 swimming1766 swimsuit26253 tentacle porn7482 tentacles11124 under the surface69 underhoof48180 underwater4665 underwear57219 vulva117427


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Background Pony #A329
A few moments and Luna won't be bursting to get out of the water anymore.
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@Neko Majin C
Nonsense. Just gotta toughen them up. Like bootcamp, except for octopi. And instead of building their endurance and training them to stab & shoot, it's building their endurance and training them to penetrate & shoot.