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A complex illustration reward for Anilox, featuring their characters (at the table, from left to right) – Golden Cloud, Nightflame, Blackmane. Phew, this one took a while to draw. A related piece can be found here: fav.me/dadwd2c

This piece is going to serve as an illustration to a story written by my patron.
The three friends, although young, already significantly engaged in their careers in the Equestrian military, meet at Canterlot's Riverstream Café on a pleasant summer day. Blackmane doesn't shy from boasting about his good fortune with the ladies, regardless of how authentic his account may be. As an inexperienced bachelor, Nightflame soaks up every single word while Golden Cloud is frankly tired of hearing them time and time again.

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Golden Cloud, Nightflame and Blackmane belong to Anilox
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safe1705401 artist:gray--day273 oc683977 oc only448367 oc:blackmane5 oc:golden cloud4 oc:nightflame4 butterfly7076 pegasus291357 pony966610 unicorn322853 cafe545 commission68336 donut2023 door3968 eating9607 female1362118 food70052 grin38484 hair bun3341 male372297 mare480045 pillow17896 restaurant688 smiling248137 stallion108654 table9203 unamused16217 waitress805


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