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Lunas skulking around the castle trying to fine her regalia but finds her self back at the chamber door.

LUNA: were in equestrian is me regalia….

(she herd a voice coming from her chamber so she opens the door a crack and pops her head in)

FRENZY: (Giggle) would you like more tea princess moonie pants ( he pours imaginary tea into Cruithnes teacup) and you miss Nesbit would you like some tea (Leeloo nods.)

(luna snickers and levitates a camera from her dresser and takes a photo, the flash goes off)

LUNA: so this is were my regalia went.

FRENZY: uhhh! ……. I can explained

CRUITHNE: (slurp)   
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Background Pony #130D
@Princess Panny
Background Pony #29B9 said SpongeBob cus they probably recognised the line "uh I can explain" is a reference to a SpongeBob episode were that line is said when sandy finds a adult fish that secretly dresses like a child
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Cirrus Light
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Sciencepone of Science!
@Background Pony #433B
Oh, sorry, then, if that’s the case. I’m probably just a bit ruder than usual because I’m really sick right now.

I do hope it’s not just laziness, but on reflection, I’ve actually got some issues that people might just call laziness if I didn’t have the hospitalizations and medical records of surgeries to prove it, so he definitely gets the benefit of the doubt.
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