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An exploration of a possible city plan for Canterlot

Posting because I'd like to hear your thoughs on how the city might work (at least visually).

I'll keep working on this and update when I have more ideas. Currently it kind of looks more like a small vacation resort or an amusement park…

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the city works because heck yeah let's build on top of a mountain screw gravity we can kick gravity in the butt!

but in all seriousness I always imagined the city wrapped around the mountain rather than separating the castle from it.
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Well, what we know of Canterlot from the show is that it contains:

- The Royal Palace, which dwarfs all the other buildings in the city.
- Buildings associated with the Palace, including:
—— the Royal Library.
—— the Royal Gardens.
—— Princess Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns.
- A large shopping district.
- A large "restaurant row".
- Assorted museums and cultural-type buildings.
- A Pegasus racetrack and/or sports arena.
- An airship port with docks.
- A train station.
- Numerous rivers and canals that flow through and around the city's districts.

Think you can fit all that in?
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Wow, that's cool. Definitely a way to explain why Canterlot looks so relatively small from the side, but large while in the city.

Agree with the others, it definitely needs a train depot, though.
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@Revenant Wings
i know. but i dont see one one the picture above. so that could be added for infrastructure enhancements. but not only a single traintrack. a city like canterlot would need more to work properly
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hmm a trainstation would be handy
and some major train tracks in general. since trains would be the main source for goods i guess.
or some bigger airship landing pods. otherwise a nice start so far. looks visually pleasing from the colors.
but it also looks all really flat. more variations in heights would be great. but not only with the buildings but also in the landscape of the town. canterlot is on a mountain after all. you can go nuts with that. like in this illustration from yeeears ago >>373750
thats a futuristing version of canterlot. but i like all the massive building complexes there and all the platform variations.

so lets see where your are going with the map