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Fluttershy and Rainbow are married and have a son named Rain Splatter.
Rainbow Dash and Applejack are dating and have a daughter named Zap Apple.
Applejack and Trenderhoof are married and have a set of twin girls named Apple Fashion and Wild Orchard.

Twilight Sparkle and Flash Sentry are married and have a son named Light Flame.
Flash Sentry and Sunset Shimmer broke up and have a daughter named Midnight Glow.
Sunset Shimmer and Starlight Glimmer married and have a daughter named Red Streams.
Starlight Glimmer and Trixie Lulamoon are married and have a son named Sparkle Moon.

Pinkie Pie and Cheese Sandwich are married and have a set of twins, a boy and a girl, named Cotton Candy and Chocolate Sundae.

Rarity and Blueblood are married and have a daughter named Diamond Blue.

If you have any other ships you want me to add, just say so.

Ships that'll be added:
Lyra and Bon Bon
Big MacIntosh and Sugar Belle
Applebloom and Tender Taps
Scootaloo and Rumble
Sweetie Belle and Button Mash
Snails and Silver Spoon
Babs Seed and Diamond Crown

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Questions Asked:
safe1577113 artist:lilygarent66 applejack158966 cheese sandwich3618 flash sentry12102 fluttershy197969 pinkie pie203390 prince blueblood3843 rainbow dash219544 rarity169857 starlight glimmer43936 sunset shimmer57709 trenderhoof826 trixie62218 twilight sparkle282948 oc605873 oc:apple fashion1 oc:chocolate sundae2 oc:cotton candy345 oc:diamond blue1 oc:light flame1 oc:midnight glow32 oc:rain splatter1 oc:red streams1 oc:sparkle moon1 oc:wild orchard1 oc:zap apple61 pony846951 appledash5362 cheesepie1168 family4019 family tree302 female900565 flashimmer1840 flashlight2561 flutterdash4326 lesbian92275 magical lesbian spawn10762 male305975 mane six29467 offspring34483 parent:applejack3274 parent:cheese sandwich1628 parent:flash sentry2560 parent:fluttershy4050 parent:pinkie pie3596 parent:prince blueblood815 parent:rainbow dash5016 parent:rarity3576 parent:starlight glimmer1148 parent:sunset shimmer1492 parent:trenderhoof221 parent:trixie1708 parent:twilight sparkle7341 parents:appledash289 parents:cheesepie1405 parents:flashimmer198 parents:flashlight2202 parents:flutterdash281 parents:rariblood84 parents:shimmerglimmer125 parents:startrix261 parents:trenderjack80 rariblood151 shimmerglimmer414 shipping184191 startrix2594 straight121806 trenderjack106


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