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safe (1504617) artist:jase1505 (218) sci-twi (20327) sunset shimmer (54102) twilight sparkle (272735) series:sunlight horizons (137) equestria girls (170352) friendship games (11708) breasts (221062) busty sunset shimmer (4196) busty twilight sparkle (9823) cleavage (29022) clothes (383038) daydream shimmer (781) dress (37148) female (828714) holding hands (2114) lesbian (87575) looking at you (131823) midnight sparkle (2208) midnightdaydream (42) milestone (670) scitwishimmer (2062) shipping (174857) smiling (198018) sunsetsparkle (4158)


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Sci-Twi Lover
Daydream Shimmer and Midnight Sparkle : Principal Cinch! Spike! Girls! Grab our hands!

Principal Cinch grabs Daydream and Midnight's hands with Spike the Dog on top of her head, including Indigo Zap, Rainbow Dash, Lemon Zest, Fluttershy, Applejack, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Sugarcoat, Sour Sweet and Sunny Flare behind her, making a train-like line

Principal Cinch : Oh, seriously? Are we going to turn this intoaaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!

Daydream Shimmer and Midnight Sparkle : TO THE FRIENDSHIP LAIR!!