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Some special art for special episode. Actually I drew this shortly after seeing the episode's early airing in Australia. I was really looking foward to finally post it ;)

Right off the bat, this was probably one of the more mature if not the most mature episodein the series. Sure there was a love theme at first and foremost, but other strong themewas lost of those who were close to us and how we can't reverse time to fix your past wrongs whenthey are gone. Bright Mac and Pear Butter are easy-to-root-for characters, and seeing them interact with eachother as well as other characters around was really good. Grand Pear was also quite interestingcharacter, it was quite touching seeing him in his prime in his feud with Granny Smith, only sowe could see him later on returning to Ponyville, regretting leaving his daughter behind insteadof burying the proverbial hatchet. It was fantastic episode, and yeah, in my personal ranking,so far it's best episode this season.

Episode ranking so far:

1) The Perfect Pear ( e 13 )
2) Celestial Advice ( ep1 )
3) Parental Glideance ( e7 )
4) Flurry of Emotions ( ep3 )
5) Discordant Harmony ( e12)
6) Honest Apple ( e9 )
7) Not Asking for Trouble ( e11 )
8) Rock Solid Friendship ( ep4 )
9) A Royal Problem ( e 10 )
10) Forever Filly ( ep6 )
11) Fluttershy Leans In ( ep5 )
12) Hard to Say Anything ( e8 )
13) All Bottled Up ( ep2 )
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@Background Pony #EA76
Hi, smp here! it might be hard to believe but that's actually my first
comment here on Derpibooru, since usually Deviant Art is the page I post my drawings on ( can be found by the same nickname :) )

Anyway in reply to your comment, first of all, thanks for checking my gallery — heck, I didn't knew I had gallery on derpibooru until few months ago when one of my acquaintances told me about it —
Back on the topic however: Seems like it might be surprising that Royal Problem isn't paticulary high on my list of episode ranking for season 7. The truth is, I think it's decent episode, but since I'm not really fan of Celestia, Luna or Starlight ( I'm rather neutral to them ) there isn't much in that episode I find appealing. It has it's moments here and there, but in most cases I feel like bit lost potential, and Twilight being sidelined for that mission feels like biggest sin to me — right next to "24 hour cutie mark switch spell". That's how I feel about it, if anything, I tend to have opinions that at times are unpopular in fandom ;)

That's all from me, and have a nice day :)
Background Pony #0304
Although I am surprised that A Royal Problem is not higher up on your list, I definitely concur that The Perfect Pear is the best episode of season 7 (and personally my favorite episode of the entire series).